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TCL P series 55P605 or 55P607: spot the differences

If it’s time to find out the 55-inch TV but your budget is limited, the TCL P series is one of the best TV’s to buy. In this article, we are going to talk about 55P605 and 55P607 models. Generally, they are the same ones with slightly different remote and small physical differences.

TCL P-Series is getting a lot harder to find online in 2020. There’s good news though: TCL presented a newer model – the TCL 6-Series R617 that is even better.

Common features

The TCL P including 55P605 and 55P607 ones is moderate-cost TV and gets high general display quality, including dark levels, high contrasted reproduction, and exact color. The Roku smart TV system used in TCL P provides the newest technology solutions, having a simple interface and stream-oriented supporting. The only downside is, it’s providing in the 55-inch size.

Image quality

However, no other TV brand can offer such an image quality level in conjunction with a low-cost price. You pay only $650, or $600 according to the store and the model. For the TCL P605 and P607, you pay for a small fraction of the cost than the famous same-inch Sony XBR-X900E, but its image provides such high quality, and in other features, it’s much better. The P605 and P607 models also provide a better image-quality spec than the widely-promoted and over-priced Samsung Q7 QLED.


But this is not all the features of the P TVs because the P605 and P607 models are competitive in design. The edges of both models and their specially twisted legend provide good recognition among a similar range of models. But we understand it rubs some people the wrong way. This notwithstanding the P605 and P607 models get cool TV design including big cabinet.


The main difference between these two models is the remote features the P707 gets:

  • The P607 provides three important additions to the clicker: headset jack, remotely operating finder and voice search.
  • The finder easily finds the control panel if it is lost under the sofa, between the pillows, in children’s toys, boxes, and even in another room. It’s very simple to turn on this feature. You should just use the buttons on the back of the TV and the remote makes sounds.

Speaking of P605 you don’t hesitate to choose this one if remote upgrading is not so important for you:

  •  The 55P605 model is less expensive.
  • You get a TV with a basic remote without a headset jack, voice searching feature and other new features of P607.
  • It also uses infrared or IR system and frequency or RF technology. But you don’t need to direct the remote strictly to the TV to receive the signal. You can do it in any direction thanks to IR and RF.


Both models are noteworthy, and both are high in the ratings. Despite the fact, that a 55P605 model hasn’t enough advanced 55P607 remote, but you save about $50 choosing the first one. Moreover, other images and functional features stay the same.

In any case, you may make your choice based on your financial capacity and both variations are excellent. So, choose your 55P607 without a second thought, if remote upgrading is low-priority for you.

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