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BitTorrent vs Utorrent: download and seed

Taking into account the variety of multimedia content, torrent trackers are very popular. Users can download their favorite movies, replenish their audio collection and play popular games. These services need torrent clients and their quantity is growing dynamically. However, there are two “giants” who have a strong lead in the niche. You can draw a conclusion about BitTorrent and uTorrent after reading the advantages of each one.

How it works

The trackers don’t have a single server and all the information is downloaded from users’ PC’s. It reduces the time and increases download speed. It works via the torrent network protocol used for exchanging files on the Internet and on a local network.

The files are transmitted in parts. A person downloads them and at the same time gives the files to other people in the network. This reduces the load, depending on the location of the file. Therefore, the download speed is high. The site with such exchange is called Torrent Tracker where the registered users provide files for distribution. The tracker has no shared server information and is downloaded from registered users.

Common features

Both clients have an adequate interface, which is easily understandable for the entry-level user. It’s easy to find Russified versions or download the English edition with no access restrictions.

Free application versions include advertisements that are easily disabled via changing settings. Pay versions don’t include advertising modules, but have the firmware antiviruses, players and provide file conversion.

Both clients need the minimum system resources so they can be installed on not very powerful computers.

Main advantages

There are small functional differences in uTorrent and BitTorrent programs. The trackers are similar because they are created by the same developers. But every platform has unique properties.

uTorrent features:

  • Protocol encryption makes the user’s actions as inconspicuous as possible for automatic search systems.
  • The client is reconcilable with all operating systems and devices, including smartphones and pads. These versions have a firmware player to play downloaded media files.
  • Many developers use uTorrent functionality as a basis for their torrent clients.
  • The client provides task management and file download according to the schedule.

BitTorrent features:

  • BitTorrent is one of the first clients worldwide.
  • The client provides the fastest synchronization with various devices.
  • BitTorrent integrated automatic search system allows you to find out the files in the trackers without leaving the working area of the program.


Summarizing the above, you can choose any torrent tracker for work. But all the same, we recommend uTorrent more than BitTorrent. It works stably, doesn’t hang. According to statistics, it’s used by more people than BitTorrent is. Therefore, it’s easier to find the answer on the forums if you suddenly have a problem during the usage.

We hardly recommend you to download any product from the developer official websites so that the product is high-quality and valid. Then you will be sure you won’t download malicious software files that will disrupt your OS.

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