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Husky vs. WeatherTech liners and mats – Which one offers the best protection?

Protecting the carpeting of your vehicle is one of the hardest tasks in the world, even with liners and mats installed. We are constantly bringing stuff into the interior of our vehicles, mostly picked up with our footwear from the ground, but also other things such as coffee, soda, baby food, snacks etc. In no time, the carpeting will be so dirty and stained, that even dry cleaning won’t help.

Happily, there is a solution – high-quality mats that not only protect the carpeting from dirt from your footwear, but also from spillage and stains. The best liners and mats on the market right now arguably come from WeatherTech and Husky.

These brands are known for their durable materials, careful design, and precise fit. But, which one is better? I’ll try to answer that question in this quick comparison between Husky and WeatherTech liners and floor mats.

Husky vs. WeatherTech Features

Both manufacturers offer several features that set them apart from the competition, with WeatherTech being the “premium” one, while Husky is more geared toward budget-minded buyers. That said, even though there is a clear difference in price, they are both very closely matched when it comes to features.

Husky for example is known for their rubberized thermoplastic and flexible elastomeric materials, which means that it offers mats both for buyers who seek a more elegant solution for their passenger vehicle, or more sturdy one for their commercial vehicle. Husky mats are designed to keep fluids away with elevated edges and diamond-plate patterns.

WeatherTech, on the contrary, uses so-called Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material that they say has a rigid core which gives robustness, but also a gripping surface which minimizes slipping. These mats keep fluids away from the carpeting with the help of channels, like most other mats and liners on the market.

Husky vs. WeatherTech Performance

When talking about the performance of these two excellent products, the price should always be taken into consideration. WeatherTech is a company that sells their mats and liners as premium products and thus has a higher asking price. Husky, on the contrary, markets their products as high-quality offerings at a lower price point.

The reason why WeatherTech asks more for their mats and liners is all the research, planning and design that goes into every model they produce. Thanks to this, they are a perfect match for every vehicle they are made for.

This makes it very easy for the buyer – just go and buy a set of mats for your vehicle, and they will fit 100%. You can also be sure that they won’t smell, thanks to the odorless finish, and they will always stay glued to the carpets, no matter what.

With all that said, Husky offers all of these traits as well. Sure, they may not be as carefully designed as WeatherTech floor mats and liners, but for most people, they will work just fine. They also come with a lifetime warranty, which is not something you’d expect from a budget offering.


In my opinion, Husky mats and liners are a better fit for most people, due to the lower price, great fit to any vehicle, and the unlimited lifetime warranty.

However, owners of premium vehicles may find the finish of the WeatherTech products more pleasant due to the sticky nature and odorless material.

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