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Our mission

Have you ever been sucked up into the informational rabbit hole when trying to find the best match for your needs? Believe it or not, every day we make thousands of decisions.

And the scale of the issue does not matter. Each decision, small or big, bites off an even chunk of our willpower pie. The problem is, our brain has a limited capacity for coping with the daily routine. At the end of the day, we run out of it gas and get prone to procrastination. Analyzing potential choices requires a lot of time and effort. We want to eliminate the pangs of researching and help you choose the best pick. Our mission is to compare the competing products, services, brands or the entire product categories and help you determine the best-matching winner.

How are we different from product review sites?

You must have heard about the battle shows. They have set up a popular trend sparking “battles” of all kinds. We have borrowed the general principle and decided to match the best products, services or characteristics versus each other. So basically we narrow down your search to two best picks.

Our comparison reviews are though not for pure entertainment. We are more about practicality, always stress out the strong and weak sides, point out what they are missing and analyze common features.  Before making any decisions, we usually want to know all the pros and cons. In our reports, we are trying to highlight such aspects as quality, prices, features, unique advantages, the satisfaction rate of the customers.

How we choose what to compare

You might be surprised, but this is the easiest part. You help us in most cases. What we do is monitor the web, listen to our readers and answer the questions about popular comparisons. There are no made up or bizarre pairs on our web sites. If a specific combo pops up on our radars, it means lots of people are hesitating which side to choose.

Our process

Our editorial staff is composed of experts in various niches. In the process, we analyze the official specs provided by the manufacturers and test them in real-life conditions. On top of that, we aggregate the verified reviews from the users who have personally interacted with the products or services. We perfectly realize there is no magic wand that will fit them all. Probably, you will agree that what’s right for your friend not necessarily look useful to you. Otherwise, we all would prefer the same cars, grills, TVs, phones, tires, etc. So we are trying to emphasize the pros and cons of every product clearly.

A lot of times we notice people try to compare things that are designed for different skill level. Let’s say, one can decide between two coffee machines. One of them is for professional baristas but what if in reality you would not want to learn all its specs and follow the procedures. Instead, you might want to press just one button to make it ready.

This is the problem we are trying to avoid. Just practical information and applicable knowledge. No fluff.

Currently, we are actively engaged in reviewing the following categories:

  • cars
  • home & garden
  • software
  • kitchenware
  • gadgets
  • accessories

Can’t see what you are looking for? You can request a free comparison report by sending us an email.

Actually, we are open to cooperation and welcome any input from your side. We encourage everyone to share personal experience in the comments section.

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