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Lorex vs. Swann comparison: Which Surveillance System is the Best?

Keeping burglars and intruders out of your house becomes harder and costlier every year. While you might install great door protection to your apartment or house, burglars are always one step ahead and have no problems opening it, especially if they are very interested in your apartment.

That’s why the best option for keeping your house safe from invaders is video surveillance. There are a lot of modern systems available today that do a great job of recording a video of the thieves but also come with advanced technologies that should prevent them from ever entering your home uninvited.

There are several companies that offer complex surveillance solutions, including indoor and outdoor cameras, sensors, hard drives for recording, internet connectivity, free smartphone apps, and even advanced software that can detect motion via the cameras in the system.

Two of the most popular solutions for surveillance are certainly Lorex and Swann. These companies offer everything that your home might need. But, which one is better and why? Let’s have a look at both and decide!

Lorex vs. Swann Features and Performance

Both companies boast about their hi-tech features that should be very hard to hack, even by seasoned professionals.

However, there are still some differences between both of them that you should consider before opting for either one.

Swann systems are very easy to install, even without professionals. They have excellent cameras for every need. In other words, they have cameras for home surveillance, such as the room of your baby, indoor cameras, water and wind resistant outdoor cameras, hidden micro cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras, etc. They even let you change lenses on their cameras, which helps greatly for getting a sharper picture at close and long distance. Of course, their cameras can also connect to the internet, and you can even use an app to see a live feed of your home. The company offers several different surveillance systems that should cover the needs of most people and their budgets.

Lorex systems are also very easy to install in any house. However, while they also have a variety of different cameras, their models are more of a high-end (metal housings) and produce a better picture quality. Most of their systems offer 4K Ultra HD video, that is pretty much the highest standard at this point.

Besides, some of their systems have battery backup with two-cell batteries, that should last a while after a power outage, and most of the cameras are IP66 or IP67 water resistant. As expected, Lorex surveillance systems connect to the internet, and you can use an app to watch a live broadcast. The best thing about Lorex is their motion detection system that sends a notification on your phone so you can instantly see what’s causing the alarm.


In the end, it all comes to what you need and how much you are ready to spend. Swann surveillance systems are a great budget choice and should be very capable of keeping burglars out of your house. However, Lorex seems to have better video quality and software services.

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