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Penske vs. Uhaul – Which One is the Ultimate Truck Rental Service?

Moving into a new place is exciting, especially if you just bought the house of your dream. However, it can also take a lot of time – your weekends will be anything but relaxing, and on top of that, it can cost a lot of money. The hardest thing to do is to move all that furniture around – your vehicle is certainly not big enough for that task.

Happily, there are services that can help with that. Namely, there are Truck Rental Companies that rent you a truck, big enough for all your furniture, so you can use it to move things.

More precisely, you pick up a truck from a rental company nearby, load it with your goods, move it to a new place, and then return the vehicle to a nearby facility of the same company. In other words, you can return the transport to your nearest office – no need to return it back to the original place.

Two of the best Truck Rental Companies right now are certainly Penske and Uhaul. But, which one is the best? Let’s find out!

Penske vs. Uhaul Features

Both Penske and Uhaul are at the top of the game when it comes to truck rental services, but there are still differences between them. The first and most obvious one is the cost.

Penske truck rentalPenske is more expensive than Uhaul for every type of rental they offer – local, medium, and long.

While being more expensive, Penske also has newer and better trucks in its portfolio. They have a large selection of trucks, both small for local moving and very big trucks for long distances, and they also have models with lift gates.

Penske though has a smaller number of locations where you can pick up a truck, which makes them less convenient for some people.

u-haul truck rentalUhaul, on the contrary, has the largest number of offices compared to any other truck rental company in the US. In other words, chances are you have one nearby. They also have five different truck sizes which are specifically made for household movements, but not all of them are of the newest generation. Uhaul even has trailer rental in case you want to use your SUV for moving.

Both companies offer labor service in case you need help while moving, but Penske is known to be more trustworthy.

Penske vs. Uhaul Pros and Cons

Both companies seem to be a good choice, especially because they have excellent online services and fair prices. However, the real-life experience with both is not the same for most of the people.

Particularly, Uhaul is known to have worse customer service and no live chat support, which can turn your moving from a dream to a nightmare. That is in case something happens with the (decidedly) old trucks they possess. Also, don’t expect discounts at Uhaul, even if you use their services for a long time.

uhaul features

Penske, on the other hand, seems like more of a premium segment. Their trucks are newer and they partner with Simple Moving Labor for better labor service. Penske is also known to have excellent customer support though their trucks almost never break down.

Penske features


Penske might be a better choice than Uhaul at first glance, but only if you have one of their facilities nearby. If not, Uhaul can also be a very good choice, especially given the lower price for their services.

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