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Nespresso vs Keurig: the best everyday coffee

Nespresso and Keurig are the leaders in the single-serve coffee market, and definitely, you should choose one of them if you like coffee. We leave the final choice to you, giving you little more detail about their good points you haven’t known before.

Nespresso machines are based on pods and provide single-serve espresso. The trademark offers 2 lines of machines such as espresso only ones as well as espresso and coffee machines. The second group includes ones with a latte, cappuccino, kakao, tea and other types of hot drinks.

Keurig ranks first in the US single serve market and offers more than 50 various models.

So, let’s look at these two machines through the following criteria.

Price of machines

Considering the basic cost of coffee machines, we note that Nespresso has a higher cost varied between $150-$300. The price depends on the models. In comparison, its opponent Keurig provide more various models with $75-$250 price diapason. It’s easy to understand that the low price helps Keurig to hold more than 60% of the single-serve coffee market. At the same time, Nespresso‘s part occupies only 4% of it.

Everyday coffee cost

Speaking of the Nespresso everyday cup of coffee, its cost varies from $292 to $419 for a year. Keurig has more pod variations from $183 to $700 per 365 cups.

Obviously, Keurig has the benefit in this case. Its prices are more suitable for a different wallet. But if you want something more than just a small cup of coffee, choose Nespresso.


Regarding build quality, Nespresso ranks first. Nespresso machines get high-quality Switch plastic and are manufactured and packed in Switzerland, unlike Keurig ones.

Keurig products are manufactured in China. In fact, they use less plastic and metal, so the price difference is significant between the two leaders.

Both products match the price. Nespresso machines are of long term use and have a 24-month guarantee, while Keurig offers a 12-month warranty being less reliable than its opponent.


Keurig and Nespresso models get easy-to-clean surface, but you need to pay your attention to the following requirements:

  • Clean the outside covering with a damp cloth.
  • Wash removable parts after each use.
  • Use citric acid to avoid scale in water tank twice a year.
  • Taking into account the fact that Keurig machines combine a greater number of removable parts, they are more difficult to wash. This process needs a little longer time than Nespresso ones need.


Summing up, we note that there is no absolute leader among Nespresso or Keurig. Both companies are rather well-known and high-quality brands. When we think about these giants it’s better to draw a parallel between Apple or PC when it comes to Nespresso or Keurig.

But in any case, your choice depends on your subjective preferences. You may get a Nespresso coffee machine if you savour espresso shots best of all. But if you want long shots or standard drip coffee, choose the Keurig, enjoying the latte or hot chocolate at the same time.

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