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Pit Boss vs Traeger

Pellet grills are also known as pellet smokers. They are outdoor cookers that use a combination of gas grills, kitchen ovens, and charcoal smokers to produce heat for cooking. They use wood pellets to fuel the fire needed for grilling, smoking, and baking.

The wooden pellets resemble small rolled cigars or tablets. They are made from compressed sawdust and are normally rotated into a fire pot. They are then heated at high temperatures. An internal fan stokes the process and helps distribute the heat within the grill.

Pit Boss and Traeger are two of the most popular pellet grill brands on the market today. This article breaks down the differences between the two to help you choose that which works for you.

Pit Boss Description


The Pit Boss pellet grill is built to take on whatever you throw at it. It offers maximum capability with the possibility of cooking whatever you want. It also offers enough cooking space for users.

Unlike other manufacturers, Pit Boss does not restrict its users to using branded pellets. Some brands force users to do this with the threat of voiding their warranty if they do not adhere. With Pit Boss, you’re free to try different hardwood pellets to enhance taste and get the most out of your grill.

It’s also perfect for beginners as it features plenty of functionality and power underneath. Some models have a digital control board for adjusting temperatures and specifying the type of cooking preferred.

pit-bossStrong Sides

1. Affordable.

2. Wide temperature range.

3. Enough cooking space.

4. Easy to clean and use.

5. Gives value for money.

Weak Sides

1. Short warranty.

2. Temperature doesn’t stay constant.

Traeger Description


The Traeger grill is a wood fired grill that uses electric heating and wood pellets to produce enough heat for cooking. Buyers also get a mix of gas functionality and great flavor from fired pellets.

Traeger boasts of being sturdy and having the best designs on the market today. Some models have two thermometers. These can be used to check on different pieces of meat as they cook. The grills also feature an insulated port that allows for easy placing of probes on the grilling area.

traegerStrong Sides

1. Provides consistent temperature thanks to a temperature guide that can be dialed up.

2. Wood pellets produce a nice flavor that appeals to taste buds.

3. Allows owners to set the thermometers at a desired temperature which eliminates worry of burning food.

Weak Sides

1. You have to use Traeger pellets. A huge bag costs $19. Some customers have had bad experiences for using other types of pellets.

2. Doesn’t facilitate high heat cooking. Only limited to 500 degrees.

3. Electric variants have to be plugged in near a source to electricity to function.

4. You may need to adjust certain recipes when using the Traeger.


If you’re on a tight budget and only need a basic grill for cooking, the Pit Boss is a great option. It has a range of affordable models that offer basic functionality. Traeger offers sophistication and a wide array of models that come with multiple functionalities.

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