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Choosing Between Gas Oven vs Electric Oven? How They Affect Your Baking

In a long time, people have wondered which oven is better: gas or electric? However, the answer is not that simple. Each type has its advantages and, of course, several drawbacks.

And let’s begin with gas one since this type is the first to appear.

Gas oven

gas ovenSkilled housewives choose ovens not only based on performance but also pay attention to built-in features. A modern gas oven includes multiple functions as electric igniter, timer, grill (but less often) and gas control. The most reliable and high-quality ovens are manufactured by Zanussi, Electrolux, Indesit, Bosch.

Advantages of the gas oven:

  • Price. As a rule, in retail stores, the cost of gas one is ten to twenty percent lower than an electric oven. Naturally, if we compare the ovens of the same manufacturer and class.
  • Cooking convenience. Temperature adjustment on the gas oven is much more convenient than an electric one.
  • Cooking speed. Thanks to the fact that cooking on gas is practically cooking on an open fire, it takes less time, because open flame temperature is higher than the electric oven temperature.

Disadvantages of the gas oven:

  • Less security. I hope no one will argue that gas ovens constitute a greater danger to human life and health than electric ones. Even a small gas leak can lead to tragedy if the gas stove is not properly connected.
  • Poorly controlled oven temperature. And if it’s possible to maintain the required temperature literally to a degree while using an electric oven, then the gas one doesn’t allow this.
  • High bloating. The fact is that in everyday life we don’t use pure gas, but gas with special additives. It leaves a specific oily film on oven sides. It’s usually tricky to wash such a film. You should change the filters installed on kitchen hoods more often than during electric oven usage.

Electric Oven

electric ovenAs for electrical ones, then they can significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen. For example, the “Defrost” mode immediately cuts off the natural defrost time for a chicken or pork. And the “4D heating” mode allows you to heat the oven evenly.

Moreover, it’s possible to bake several dishes at the same time. Among the top electric ovens are Gorenje, Gefest, Hansa, and Darina.

Electric ones pros:

  • Security. Here, I think, nothing is required to explain. It is quite enough once to connect the electric oven correctly, and you shouldn’t worry about the safety of your life and health during all period of usage.
  • Less pollution. Accordingly, when using an electric oven, there is no gas combustion film.
  • Door lock. Modern ovens also have a child lock function. With this technique, you can’t worry a curious child won’t open the oven door.

Electric ovens cons:

  • Cost. The store price of electric cookers is higher than of gas ones.
  • Dependence on electricity availability. This disadvantage is especially crucial in the non-urban area, where electricity power interruptions are not unusual. In fact, if your oven is running on AC network, you cannot even heat the tea, when you turn off the electricity in the house (apartment).


As you can see, choosing the advantages of one type of plates, you will have to put up with its disadvantages. However, the choice of one or a different kind of oven must be determined not only by your desires or needs but also by the possibility of installing and connecting this type in your house. In other words, if your apartment during construction was not designed for the use of electric ovens, it means that the choice of an electric oven is merely impossible.

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