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Onkyo vs Denon (AV Receivers): Which One To Choose?

With dozens of AV receiver brands on the market today, many buyers are finding it hard to choose the best. But this doesn’t need to be you since we have taken our time to look at the two of the best brands today in our Onkyo vs Denon (AV receivers) review.

Both brands provide well-known receivers and their collection is unmatched out there. Despite these companies providing AV receivers that are almost similar, when it comes to quality, price, and other features, there are some differences.

Therefore, you should consider these differences when making your purchase to ensure that you get an AV receiver that suits your need.

Denon AC Receiver Brand

Denon brand has mainly succeeded through merging with other like-minded companies. Initially, the company was a part of a gramophones manufacturer called Nippon Chikuonki Shokai.

Denon av receiverIn 1912, it amalgamated with this Japan-US company and it later reformed into Nippon-Columbia. Denon and Marantz amalgamated in 2002 to form D&M Holdings.

Today, the company mainly produces Blue-ray players, wireless music systems, and AV receivers. It made the first 13.2 channel AV receiver in 2018. The company also has a “W” line that provides Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Dolby Atmos; its “X” line provides Atmos and DTS: X.

The main benefit of Denon is the ability to produce ground-breaking Eco receivers that conserve energy. Besides, its AV receivers are able to fix your room acoustic problems.

Onkyo AC Receiver Brand

Onkyo brand was developed in 1946 and provides audio-visual gears worldwide. Today, it’s an electronics brand that produces home cinema and audio equipment.

Initially, the company was known as Osaka Aco Corporation but later re-launched into Onkyo (sound harmony). The company produces its AV receivers in Japan but it also has a branch in Malaysia.

Besides receivers, the company also produces PCs, amplifiers, telephones, speakers, and speaker parts. Just like Denon, this company also produces DTS: X and Dolby Atmos.

This company prides itself on producing high-quality AV receivers that last for years. Also, these products are able to provide the service you require in your home or any other place.

The Bottom Line

Denon and Onkyo have both provided high-quality AV receiver with a superb set of features. The two brands will work wonders for ordinary users and are able to revolutionize your AV experience.

Although not a major difference, the Denon AV receiver brand provides easy to set-up products. The setup is quite easy and the firmware assembling is quite simple. This is a major selling point of Denon receivers for users who don’t like to waste their time installing these gears. Also, Denon receivers are easy to set up, making them ideal for first-time users.

As we saw, the major selling point of Onkyo is quality. This means that users don’t need to keep on replacing their AV receiver every year due to wear and tear or other issues. Therefore, they are cheaper in the long run when you compare to other low-quality models out there today.

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  1. I did a review on youtube from sparechange n he didn’t find onkyo rz840 moved him compared to denon so is denon a better quality their s line not so good. I’m trying to decide on a Yamaha rx v6a vs onkyo tx nr696 or 797 and denon x2700h thanks

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