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Instant Pot vs Power Pressure Cooker: the best indispensable kitchen device

These trademarks offer all the necessary options among pressure cookers at a reasonable price.

We will frequently compare the Instant Pot and Power Pressure Cooker because they are quality products and are the most popular pressure cookers on the market.

To understand the main differences we compare the Instant Pot DUO series with the Power Pressure Cooker XL.

Instant Pot DUO main features

instant potThe Instant Pot DUO goes in 3 various sizes such as IP-DUO50 – 5 Quart, IP-DUO60 – 6 Quart and IP-DUO80 – 8 Quart. You can use it as the multicooker, pressure cooker, standard cooker, double boiler, yogurt maker, heater, and sauté pan.

The model gets an inner stainless steel vessel, a rice grower, a measuring glass and a steam grid.

Using this model, you can cook equally tasty with high and low pressure. Besides, it’s possible to set a delayed start in 24 hours.

The Instant Pot provides a built-in microprocessor and a set of protective features to prevent pressure interruptions. All Instant Duo pressure cookers are versatile and easy to use even for beginners.

Power Pressure Cooker XL main features

Power Pressure CookerThe model is also manufactured in 3 variations such as Power Pressure Cooker XL 6 Quart, 8 Quart, and 10 Quart. This cooker is equipped with a small backlit display to facilitate pressure cooking.

The model gets a sturdy handle and lid, a stainless steel Teflon bucket and a modern matt exterior metal coating that prevents fingerprints. Like a previous one, it provides low-pressure cooking, double boiler and rice cooker.

Instant Pot DUO Pros:

  • Thanks to a microprocessor, your dish will be cooked equally well every time you use the same display settings.
  • The manufacturer guarantees 10-layer protection against faults dealt with pressure interruptions. The device is multifunctional and allows you to replace several dimensional kitchen cooking facilities.
  • It includes a yogurt maker.

Instant Pot DUO Cons:

  • As the pressure cooker is easy to use its instruction is not detailed.

Power Pressure Cooker XL Pros:

  • Convenient display with clear settings saves you time.
  • The model has a 10-liter cup size.
  • A lasting cover and panhandle provide durability.

Power Pressure Cooker XL Cons:

  • Not to use the canning feature, which is actively advertised as a model advantage.
  • Needs Particularly careful cleaning of Teflon coating due to the risk of delamination.
  • It has a rough inner bottom surface of the cup, which is difficult to clean from food during washing.
  • If you use a pressure-cooking cup for the first time, it will be difficult for you to understand cookbook recipes.


Instant Pot includes all the necessary features for the most demanding hostesses. But first, you need to understand all the settings of the microprocessor.

Power Pressure Cooker also allows you to cook a variety of dishes for a reasonable price. Moreover, its settings and instructions are much easier to understand. But the lack of protection and the lack of automatic steam release don’t make it the number one choice. Therefore, choose any variant based on your preferences, durability, and price.

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