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DWS779 vs DWS780


A miter saw is one of the most important tools to have as a carpenter or DIYer. It helps to create precise cuts in wood and other materials. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, being well-equipped is the first step to ensuring that you do a high-quality job.

The DWS779 and DWS780 are two of the best machines for woodworking. They are both built by Dewalt, a popular American company that manufactures hand tools and power tools for woodworking, manufacturing and construction industries.

Both machines come with the same engine system and only vary slightly when it comes to other features. This article will take a look at their laser, blade, and engine systems and highlight their differences.

DWS779 Description


The Dewalt DWS779 comes with a 15 amp motor that delivers sufficient power to drive the circular saw built into the machine. It’s located on the shafts that drives the disk and provides enough torque to rotate the spinning blades to a speed of up to 3,800 revolutions per minute.

The speed is required to deliver clean and quick cuts. This is very important as it determines the difference between materials cut using low-quality miter saws and those cut using top-notch machines. Clean and sharp edges also help to maintain consistency.

The impulse delivered by the engine also helps to make cuts using one single movement. You don’t have to go through several cuts even with thick materials. The DWS779 uses stainless steel miter plates that come with 12-inch blades. These nearly weigh 60 pounds.

Dewalt equipped the 779 with a traditional laser guide system that guides carpenters and workers on where to make cuts. Bonus features include a reliable dust collection system that prevents dust from reaching your mouth, skin, eyes, and nose, and a black fence that cuts 2 x 12 dimensional lumber at 450 and 2 x 16 at 900.

dws779Strong sides

  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Makes perfect, precise and smooth cuts on wood and other material.
  • Sliding the dual bevel allows users to make perfect crosscuts on plywood and beams.
  • Cuts widths accurately due to the sliding feature.
  • Efficient dust collection system.
  • Provides adequate power for several types of jobs.
  • Portable and compact.

Weak sides

Has no LED guide

What people say

Most buyers like the DWS779. The most common complaint was that some of the plastic components built into the machine seem flimsy.

DWS780 Description


Just like the DWS779, the DWS780 is powered by a 15 am motor that delivers the necessary power required to cut through wood and other materials. The motor is also located at the shaft that spins the disk. Power and torque output are similar to that of the 779. Blades can reach up to 3800 revolutions per minute.

The DWS780 doesn’t differ much from the DWS779 when it comes to its design and functionality. You can trust it to deliver similar clean and precise cuts. The capacity of the machine is one of the best available on the market today.

The 780 also comes with stainless steel miter plates that feature 60-pound 12-inch blades. Where the 780 gains on the 779 is the availability of a carbide blade. Dewalt built the blade using tungsten carbide. This is a chemical compound containing carbon and tungsten.

The chemical compound is denser than other metals and materials and improves on durability and versatility. This means that it’s more resistant to higher temperatures and abrasion. The friction produced during the cutting process has less effect on the blades, no matter what speed the motor is rotating at.

Another perk that the DWS780 has is the inclusion of the XPS system. This is a system that uses LED technology to project light in front of the blade. The miter saw is able to cast a shadow and follow the blade. The system also includes alignment and positioning features that provide a line trace for easy cutting. This eliminates the need to make any further adjustments.

The biggest advantage of the XPS system is that it’s able to maintain the alignment. This ensures that the cut is more precise. One of the problems users experienced with the DWS779 is it’s prone to deviate from the alignment during use. The LED feature on the DWS780 makes sure that the alignment remains perfect.

dws780Strong Sides

  • Provides excellent cutting accuracy.
  • Comes with extra features when compared to the DWS779.
  • Incorporates safety measures to make sure users are safe.
  • Has a shadow cut line that improves precision.
  • The saw is quieter than that of the DWS779.

Weak Sides

  1. The machine is relatively heavy and bulky.
  2. The blade isn’t able to reach to the fence when cutting.
  3. The dust collector system is inefficient and has a discharge with a strange size.
  4. There’s no locking mechanism for the clamp which makes the machine unsafe in some situations.

What people say

The DWS780’s carbide blade is a favorite among users. It comes with a smooth and clean finish and performs better than the stainless steel blade. It lasts longer and is also very easy to maintain. The carbide material doesn’t wear out easily, meaning the blade stays sharp for a long time. Heavy cutting does not affect the blade’s hardness and structure. It doesn’t matter how fast the miter saw moves. The blade doesn’t bend even under high temperatures.

When it comes to the XPS system, the brightness of the shadow created by the LED light can be altered by nearby lighting systems. The effectiveness of the LED light can be affected in an environment where there’s a lot of artificial or natural light. In most domestic setups, however, the feature works perfectly.

Overview and Conclusion

The DWS780 is a great option where tasks are highly detailed and where precision is extremely important. The machine costs $200 more than the DWS779. This is because of the XPS system.

Except for the system, both machines are built to deliver high performance and quality cutting. If you require an easy-to-use machine that is still versatile, the XPS779 may be a great option for you. If you need a more complex machine for heavy tasks, then the XPS780 is a great alternative.

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