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Rocky Mountain Tumbler vs Yeti 

Tumblers provide one of the best solutions for keeping beverages hot or cold. There are several of them available on the market today, with most promising to have temperature control features that keep drinks warm or cold.

The Rocky Mountain and Yeti tumblers are among the market leaders. There are many factors to consider when it comes to comparing the two. For this review, we will focus on their build quality, performance, and whether they match the claims made by their manufacturers.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler Description


Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a travel mug made out of stainless steel. It holds up to 30 ounces and is claimed to be better than plastic tumblers. Its double-vacuum wall and 18/8 stainless steel are designed to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining the desired drink temperature.

The tapered design allows this tumbler to fit all types of cup holders. Included is a clear lid that is water tight to prevent leakages. It’s also BPA-free, meaning that users are protected from chemicals that arise from plastic containers. One Rocky Mountain tumbler costs $19.99. Adding another one costs an extra $8.99 bringing the total to $28.98 for two tumblers.

Strong Sides

Made from indestructible stainless steel.
Keeps drinks warm or cold for up to 24 hours.
Strong and durable
Free shipping

Weak Sides

The water-tight seal leaks
Only keeps drinks “piping hot” for 8 hours or less.

Yeti Description


The Yeti tumbler is designed for the outdoors and provides an ideal solution for campers. The manufacturer claims that its double-wall vacuum can keep drinks cold or hot for up to 24 hours. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting an extra hot or cold drink during extreme temperatures.

Just like the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, the Yeti is made of 18/8 stainless steel. This makes it rust- and puncture-resistant. It comprises 8% nickel and 18% chromium which blend with the iron to make it corrosion-resistant. It’s also dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned together with kitchenware.

The Yeti is available in two sizes – 20-oz. and 30-oz. The former is designed to fit in a small travel rucksack while the latter is made for the indoors. Depending on your needs, either can be a great option. The Yeti also comes in 5 colors – Tahoe blue, olive green, stainless steel, seafoam, and black. The 20-oz. size costs about $46.94 while the 30-oz. size goes for $54.99.

Strong Sides

Built for the outdoors.
Available in two different sizes.
Extremely durable.
Meets the time stated for keeping drinks hot or cold.

Weak Sides

The lid is not leak-proof.

Overview and Conclusion

The Yeti tumbler is definitely the better of the two. It’s able to keep beverages at desired temperatures longer than the Rocky Mountain Tumbler. It’s also available in different sizes and colors, meaning you get to choose that which works best for you. It’s the only downside is that it’s more expensive.

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Tumbler vs Yeti 

  1. I’ve had my Rocky Mountain Tumbler for about 6years and the lid rubber ring/seal just started deteriorating. We sell Yeti’s and the lids fit my RMT so I got one. I also bought a Yeti a few weeks ago when I was not aware that the Yeti cover would fit until I tried it at home since I have never seen any of the stores carry RMT. I do believe in my opinion that the ice last longer in my RMT than the Yeti. Believe me I have ice filled drinks with all kinds of fluids, soda, bubble water, water, juices etc. So in my opinion the Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a way better buy and my ice seems to last the 24hrs as advertised.

  2. I have been having and using my RMT for 5 years (every day). Problem I am now having is I’ve developed arthritis at the base of my thumbs. Yes both hands. Makes lifting the hard since the thumb is has the most muscles in the hand. Can’t able pressure to squeeze without cause pain. Do they make a slip on handle to fit the large tumbler?

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