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Ring Doorbell 2 VS Pro


A smart home isn’t complete without a smart video doorbell. There are several brands out there that boast of producing the most functional, durable, and reliable smart video doorbells on the market today. Out of all these brands, Ring is one of the most popular and trusted companies.

It prides itself in delivering promising and innovative products. Examples of such products include the Ring Doorbell 2 and the Ring Pro. These have been the most successful releases from Ring. This post compares how the two fare in terms of their functionality and features.

Ring Doorbell 2


The Ring 2 is available in two versions, as a wired and a wireless doorbell. The wireless setup is easier to install. Its entire system includes all the necessary items required for the installation process.

The first step involves downloading the Ring mobile app which takes you step-by-step on how to install your wireless doorbell. The Ring 2 measures 5.05 inches high, 2.50 inches long and 1.08 inches in wide. Its second-generation version is a bit bulkier when compared to its the first generation. It’s, however, more functional and comes with less bugs and glitches.

Some of its most important features include 1080p HD video, motion alerts, 1600 field of view, IFTTT compatibility, Amazon Alexa Support, motion zones, and Wi-Fi Support. The wireless version is battery-powered but also provides an option for hardwiring. Ring claims that the battery lasts between 6 and 12 months.

When someone presses the Ring button at your door, you get a notification on your phone. You can initiate a live feed with them, whether you’re at home or not. Also, users can record videos when the doorbell detects motion. The image quality of the Ring 2 is quite good, especially during the night.

Ring 2 Package

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Adapter plate
  • Miniature level
  • Screwdriver handle
  • Two-sized screwdriver bit
  • Screws
  • Screw anchors
  • Drill bit for anchors
  • User Manual
  • Installation instruction guide
  • Diode
  • Wire extensions
  • Wire nuts
  • Corner wedge
  • Mount wedge
  • Two interchangeable faceplates

Ring 2 Initial Setup

  • Download the Ring Application
  • Click ‘Set Up a Device’
  • Click ‘Ring Video Doorbell 2’
  • Then choose the name of your wireless doorbell
  • Verify your address and click ‘continue’
  • Insert the batteries (after removing the faceplate), press the small button on the top right corner of your Ring Doorbell 2
  • Connect your smartphone and Ring 2 via Wi-Fi


ring-video-doorbell-2Strong Sides

  • Long battery life: The Ring 2 comes with a battery that can last for up to 6 months without needing a replacement.
  • Easy-to-use mobile application: The Ring mobile application is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Customizable: The motion zones provided are easily customizable and can be changed according to the owner’s preference.
  • Quality Audio: The sound produced is clear, clean and loud enough.
  • Two-way talk: If you’re not home, you can use Ring’s two-way talk feature to communicate with your visitors and give them further direction.
  • Weather resistant: It still functions under snow, rain, wind, and other harsh environmental conditions.

Weak Sides

  1. Quality of feed: The quality of videos and images provided by the Ring doorbell is highly dependent on Wi-Fi strength. If your connection isn’t that great, you may end up with blurry images and videos.
  2. Bulky: The second-generation Ring 2 is bulkier than its first-generation counterpart. Its weight may be a bit of a challenge during installation.
  3. Unpleasant notification sound: If you have Ring Chime on your phone, you may get an unpleasant notification sound every time the motion detector is activated or when someone presses the Ring button at the door.
  4. No free video storage: You’ll have to incur an extra cost to get cloud storage for your feed.
  5. Pixelated night vision: This feature sometimes affects the quality of feed at night.

What people say

Most buyers seem to be happy with the Ring 2. It’s a better alternative when compared to other brands and models. It also comes with two faceplates: Venetian and Satin nickel. Some buyers raised concerns about the sensitivity of the doorbell. This, however, can be adjusted easily through the Ring mobile application.

Ring Pro Description

The Ring Pro comes only as a wired version. Just like the Ring 2, it features all the necessary items that you’ll need to carry out the installation process. It has a traditional look that includes four faceplates which can be easily interchanged. It’s also well sized, measuring 4.5 inches high, 1.8 inches long, and 0.8 inches wide.

Some of its most notable features include Amazon Alexa integration, motion alerts, IFTT compatibility, Wi-Fi support, on-demand streaming, 1080p HD video, motion alert customization, and a mobile application. It also has a 1600 field of view and records better videos than the Ring 2.

Night vision is also great but still provides images and videos in black-and-white. Its customizable motion zones minimize the probability of sending false alerts. You can easily indicate the zone you’d like your doorbell to be active in.

Ring Pro Setup

  • Video Doorbell Pro
  • Screwdriver
  • 4 Interchangeable faceplates
  • Optional wiring and connectors
  • Drill Bit
  • Pro Power Kit
  • Installation Screws & Anchors
  • Quick Setup Guide


ring-video-doorbell-proStrong sides

  • Easy setup: The Ring Pro has an easy installation process.
  • Multiple interchangeable faceplates: This gives buyers more options when they want to change the Ring Pro’s visual appearance.
  • Better image and video quality: The Ring Pro records videos in 1080p. This is one of the highest recording capabilities on the market today.
  • Real-time alerts: The Ring Pro has instant notifications that keep you in the loop of what’s happening around your home.
  • Weather resistant: It still functions under harsh weather conditions
  • Device compatibility: It’s compatible with Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows 10.

Weak Sides

  1. No Batteries: The Ring Pro is only available as a wired doorbell. This could increase time and money spent to install the device.
  2. Pixelated night vision: Just like the Ring Doorbell 2, its pixelated night vision affects the quality of images and videos produced at night.
  3. No local storage: You have to incur extra charges for you to get cloud storage.

What people say

The Ring Pro is well-made, attractive and compact. This makes it a favorite among doorbell users. Its interchangeable faceplates give an extra perk that isn’t found in other brands.

Overview and Conclusion

The Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Pro both offer high durability, great features, and top-notch services. The former is a great option for those looking for a doorbell that’s easy to install and set up. It’s also cheaper than the Ring Pro. The Ring Pro is better than the Ring Doorbell 2 when it comes to video quality. The difference, however, is slight. Since buyers complain more about the Ring Doorbell 2, the Ring Pro is the better option.

Ring Doorbell 2 Features

Features of Ring Doorbell 2Details 
CameraHD (1080p)
Field of View160-degree field of view
Night-visionHas built-in night vision.
Audio StreamingTwo-way with noise cancellation
Motion SensorSmart motion detection
Dimensions2.4 x 2.4 x 5.1 inches
Cloud RecordingYes. 60-Day storage for $3 per month.
Dual PoweredUse built-in rechargeable battery or existing doorbell wiring. In other words, you can use it as wireless or wired.
Weather ResistantYes
Easy Set-UpQuick and easy setup – mount and sync to your Wi-Fi network in minutes
AlertsMotion-activated alerts
WarrantyLifetime. Check on Amazon for more information
Suggested PriceCheck Price

Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs PRO

Amazon Alexa SupportYesYes
IFTTT SupportYesYes
Mobile ApplicationYesYes
Field of View160-degree160-degree
Customizable Motion ZonesYesYes
Two-way AudioYesYes
Cloud RecordingOptionalOptional
Easy to Set UpYesYes
Camera1080p HD1080p HD
Night VisionYes, Black-and-WhiteYes, Black-and-White
IssuesBulky SizeNo Battery Option
Unique FeatureWireless OperationNone
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Video Doorbell NameRing 2Ring Pro

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