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Rheem VS Whirlpool Water Heater 

Water heaters are now an essential part of our lives. If you’re like me, you can hardly go a day without taking a hot shower. This is highly facilitated by modern water heaters which do a great job of providing continuous and instant hot water.

Whirlpool and Rheem are two brands that have been on the front line to deliver highly efficient water heaters that cater to all kinds of needs. They are available in different styles and sizes to cater for both commercial and residential uses. This article gives more information about the two brands and compares them to find out which one is better.

Rheem Description


rheem-waterheatersRheem water heaters are available as either gas/propane, electric, hybrid, tankless or solar-powered.

1.Gas and Propane 

Rheem offers a series of five types of gas water heaters. Each series comes with its own exclusive features. The series runs from the lowest Performance model to the highest environmentally friendly Professional Prestige and Performance Platinum models.

The Performance model is designed for a family setup. It provides capacities of between 29 and 98 gallons. These units are low-maintenance and a lot quieter than models from other companies. They offer a UEF of between .54 and .81.

The Performance Platinum series comes second, featuring eco-friendly technology and a UEF that begins at .58. They are rated either Low NOx or Ultra-Low NOx and have a few models that are ENERGY-STAR rated.

The Performance Plus comes in third with models that have a range of between .58 and .65 UEF. They improve air quality by including a rating of Low NOX and Ultra-Low NOx. All models are eco-friendly and feature diagnostics controls.

The Professional Classic series comes in second last with better overall efficiency. Models feature a rating of between .51 and .71 UEF and are rated Low NOx for better air quality. Included are leak detection, a recirculation pump, and EcoNet capabilities for better functionality.

The Professional Prestige offers the best of Rheem’s water heaters. All modes range from .64 to .83 UEF and are ENERGY-STAR rated. Some even qualify for tax credits.

2. Electric 
Rheem’s electric heaters are also categorized in a series and comprise some of the best models on the market today. All units are more efficient compared to their gas counterpart, have better emissions, have leak detection and Low NOx, and can accommodate a recirculation pump.

The Marathon series starts off with thermal storage tanks, standard tanks, and point-of-use tanks that have a UEF rating of between .92 and .93. Models are non-metallic, lightweight, highly efficient, and corrosion-free.

The Performance series comes in second with a rating of .81, .92, and .93 UEF. Units here have capacities ranging from 28 to 50 gallons. Premium dual copper anode rods are used as heating elements.

The Performance Platinum comes in third with a UEF of between .92 and .95. Tanks vary from 40 to 55 gallons. Each model comes with a self-cleaning mechanism to prevent sediment deposition.

The Performance Plus is fourth in the series. It features a .93 UEF and tanks that provide a capacity of 40 and 50 gallons. Models feature copper heating elements and premium anode rods.

The fifth is the Professional Classic series that provides small 3-gallon and large 55-gallon water heaters for different home uses. High-quality heating elements enhance durability. There’s also a self-cleaning feature that prevents sediment buildup.

Last but not least, the Professional Prestige features 40- and 50-gallon units that have EcoNet WiFi capability. All models are rated .93 UEF, have dual 5,500-watt stainless steel elements, and feature a self-cleaning mechanism.

3. Hybrid

All Rheem hybrid models are ENERGY STAR rated and come with a 3.5 and 3.7 UEF rating. They are NEEA compliant and feature EcoNET capability. Rheem was the first company to build hybrid water heaters and has grown to be an industry leader since.

Rheem provides tankless water heaters in three categories: High Efficiency, Mid-Efficiency, and Standard. The High Efficiency category includes products under the Performance, Performance Platinum, and Professional Prestige series. All are ENERGY STAR rated with a UEF of .94.

The Mid-Efficiency category includes models built for the indoors and outdoors. They have a UEF rating of .81 and .82. They provide EcoNet capability and copper heat exchangers.

The Standard category comprises the Performance and Professional Classic series. Models here boast of up to 99.8 percent efficiency. They also include digital displays, easy installation, and compact designs.

4. Solar

Rheem’s solar heaters provide an alternative to gas and electric-powered water heaters. They are suitable for hot climates and are known to be one of the most eco-friendly models on the market today.

Strong Sides

  • Models are energy efficient.
  • They are durable and cost less to maintain.
  •  Excellent warranty

Weak Sides

  • Tank-based water heaters lose heat on standby.
  • Electric-powered water heaters increase costs in the long-run
  • Hybrid Rheem heaters are expensive to repair.

Whirlpool Water Heater


whirlpool-water-heatersWhirlpool water heaters vary depending on their heat source. The brand provides electric, natural gas, and propane-powered water heaters. For those considering to switch from electric to gas-powered water heaters, Whirlpool is a great option.

1. Electric water heaters

Whirlpool provides self-cleaning and energy-efficient electric water heaters that vary depending on hot water consumption and family size. Tanks sizes range between 20 gallons and 105 gallons. They are all ENERGY STAR rated and can be used for several applications.

2. Natural gas heaters

These are the most efficient water heaters from Whirlpool. They are cheaper to operate in residential settings, are energy efficient, and come with an ENERGY STAR certification. Gas tanks range from 30 to 60 gallons and include a warranty of between 6 and 12 years.

3. Propane water heaters 

Like Rheem’s natural gas water heaters, the propane heaters operate at a lower cost compared to their electric counterparts. Tanks vary between 30 and 60 gallons in capacity and include a 6-year warranty. They use liquid propane to heat water for home use.

Strong Sides

  • An aluminum anode rode and ceramic tank lining protects the tank against corrosion.
  • Smart controls provide overall efficiency and the ability to monitor operational status.
  • Flame Lock Safety System from Whirlpool reduces the risk of fires.

Weak Sides

  • Some models are difficult to install.
  • Buyers have reported experiencing maintenance difficulties.

Overview and Conclusion

Rheem provides a wider selection of products, making it a better brand between the two. It offers plenty of options for all types of needs.

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  1. have a 40 gal nat. gas water heater manf. by U.S> Craftmaster and sold under the Whirpool brand. This heater was installed in 2006 and I
    have not had any problems whatsoever. Would like to purchase another!

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