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KitchenAid VS Cuisinart stand mixers: anything but a simple choice

Whether you are an inexperienced hostess or a chef in a restaurant, in any case, you need a mixer. Modern standing mixers not only make dough for baking but also have a variety of attachments, such as pasta and meat.

KitchenAid and Cuisinart are two leaders in the market of stationary mixers that can cook quickly and efficiently. Let’s compare these mixer giants using some criteria.


We believe that the most critical comparative indicator is the performance or effectiveness of the mixer. The best performance is really what you really want to get.


The brand is well known for the correct ratio of bowl and whisk. The mixer bowl shape allows you to whip all its ingredients, leaving nothing on its backs.


The models of this manufacturer undoubtedly whip up any products. However, for one unit of time they can leave more bits than KitchenAid.


Both makers offer the whisk, kneading paddle and dough hook as necessary mixer parts. KitchenAid’s KSM 180 gets the shield, and the Cuisinart one gets splash protection. While you use the mixer, both these protections avoid additional cleaning.


The company offers new devices for the mixer such as a nozzle for cold desserts, pasta, and minced meat. It tends to replace those bulky kitchen gadgets with new attachments. To remove the nozzles, you should swap the plate on the front of the mixer. However, the part is small to lose it.


Cuisinart doesn’t provide so various attachments, but the standard ones for macaroons, meat, and desserts are available to buy. Also, it gets the biggest 5.5-quart cup with a handle to facilitate your cooking. In comparison with 10-speed KitchenAid, it has 12 speeds.

Construction and appearance

The mixers have a stylish appearance that fits any kitchen interior. Their size is large enough to occupy a prominent space on the kitchen surface. Don’t forget to take it into account before you buy one of them.


The manufacturer offers about 10 different shades of the mixer to match the color scheme of your kitchen. Basically, all models are designed in a retro style, which is always relevant and looks remarkable.


Mixers don’t provide so many colors, but their classic shades are enough to fit your kitchen. Also, the design of the bowl and built-in mixer accents are made in vintage style as well as the best parts of the device.


After a detailed analysis of the two leaders in the mixer market, it’s still not possible to choose the absolute winner. Cuisinart and KitchenAid work equally well and get a high-quality design. However, if you want to cook a wide range of dishes, choose KitchenAid stand mixer with its various nozzles. It has additional speeds and larger cup.

Well, don’t forget about its price, that is higher than Cuisinart is.

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