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Is Dyson V8 Absolute better than V6 Animal? Detailed Comparison

Stick vacuums that feature a cordless design are a great alternative to their traditional corded counterparts. They eliminate the need of having to attach your vacuum to a power outlet while cleaning. Constant plugging and unplugging can be a hindrance to effective cleaning. 

Dyson is one of the most popular brands behind cordless stick vacuum cleaners. It produces models that run on batteries, allowing you to clean any of your home surfaces without having to plug the vacuum to a power source. The V8 is one of its latest models. It adds to the previous line of V6 a new appearance, better bin-emptying mechanism, and longer battery life. 

This post tries to compare the two models. On one side we have the Dyson V6 Animal that has been in the market for a while. On the other, we have the new Dyson V8 Absolute, one of the most recent releases by Dyson. 

Dyson V6 Animal


Dyson V6 AnimalIn addition to the V6 Animal, Dyson’s V6 lineup includes the V6 Absolute, the V6 Motorhead, and the standard V6. All differ slightly in terms of their characteristics. The focus of this article will be V6 Animal. 

The V6 weighs just 5 pounds. It comes with a bin that can hold up to 0.11 gallons. Just like the V8, it features a motor mechanism that also acts as a hanger. This allows you to secure it when it’s charging.

The V6 has a single cleaning head that makes it one of the best options for carpeted homes. It’s less equipped for bare floors and hard floors that have a bit of carpeting. It also features a push-button mechanism that allows users to empty the bin. 

Its run time stands at 20 minutes. It also converts to a hand-held vacuum for easier cleaning. Buyers get a soft dusting brush, crevice tool, combination tool, and a mini motorized tool with each purchase. The Dyson V6 Animal is priced at $499.99. 

Strong Sides

  • Cordless: One of the most attractive features of the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner is the fact that it comes without a cord. This eliminates the hustle of working with cords that are too short or too long. You can also use it to clean areas that do not have a power outlet. 
  • Light: The Dyson V6 is the lightest cordless vacuum from Dyson. It can easily be carried around the house or packed in your trunk. The ability to be converted into a hand-held vacuum cleaner is another added advantage. 
  • Powerful: It’s powerful enough to clean tough spots and areas such as the ceiling. 
  • Healthy: Dyson equips its stick vacuum cleaners with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that trap air particles. This maximizes the efficiency at which the vacuum cleaner traps dust, allergens, and dirt from your home. 

Weak Sides

  • Charging: The V6 must be charged after approximately every 20 minutes of use. This may be a huge hindrance especially where you have a lot of cleaning to do. 
  • Less capacity: Stick vacuum cleaners have less capacity to hold dust and dirt compared to canister versions. At 0.11 gallons, the V6 holds very little dirt. This means that you may have to empty it often. 
  • Costly: Dyson produces some of the most expensive stick vacuum cleaners. You can easily find others from competing brands at less than $100. 

What people say

The Dyson V6 is good for cleaning wood floors but struggles to clean carpets. It’s also an excellent cleaner for pet hair. This is thanks to its filtration features that pick up allergens and dust efficiently. 

Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 AbsoluteThe Dyson V8 is designed to handle larger areas and surfaces. It comes with a bright yellow, red, and purple stick with the motor and handle at the top. Just like the V6, its motor mechanism allows it to easily hang securely while charging. 

The V8 weighs 5.75 pounds and comes with a bigger 0.14-gallon bin. It also gains an edge over the V6 in that it runs for 40 minutes and comes with a soft roller cleaner head and a direct-drive cleaner head. The direct-drive cleaner head targets areas within the carpet while the soft roller digs deep.

The V8 also comes with a hygienic dirt ejector that eliminates the messy emptying process experienced with other stick vacuums. Users don’t have to touch the bin to empty it. The current price of the V8 is $599.99. 

Strong Sides

  • Two cleaners: It comes with two cleaner heads, one for bare floors and another for carpets. 
  • Light: It weighs only 5.75 pounds, making it an easy device to move around with. It’s also very easy to store. 
  • Low profile nozzle: This allows the machine to reach tight spots such as under the bed. 
  • Versatile: It easily converts to a hand-held vacuum unit. 
  • Hygienic Dust canister: Helps to remove more debris. 
  • Fairly Quiet: It’s less noisy when compared to the V6. 
  • HEPA: This filtration system ensures that all the dust, dirt, and allergens are captured. 

Weak Sides

  • Doesn’t last 40 minutes on MAX mode: The vacuum only lasts for 40 minutes when used with a combination of some tools and power. On MAX mode, it only lasts about 7 minutes. 
  • Longer charging time: Due to a larger battery, the V8 charges longer than the V6. Charging time can be as much as 5 hours. 
  • Non-removable battery: The battery cannot be removed or swapped with a charged battery. 
  • Heavy: The V8 is heavier than the V6 making it a lot more tiring to use. 
  • Cleaning performance: Despite having more features, the V8 doesn’t deliver a significant difference in performance when compared to the V6. 
  • Expensive: The V8 is quite expensive for a stick vacuum cleaner. 

What people say

Most users love the versatility, flexibility and power offered by the Dyson V8. 

Overview and Conclusion

Overview & Conclusion
Because of its dual cleaner heads, longer battery life, and more technological features, the V8 Absolute is the better choice between the two. It’s ideal for larger homes that have different floor types. The V6 is only ideal for smaller spaces. 

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